Changing IV to an Intermittent Device

IV to Intermittent Device

    • Check physician's order
    • Check patient's IV site to identify needed supplies: Intermittent injection cap, extension tubing
    • Prepare equipment: withdraw 2-3 ml normal saline solution into a 5 ml syringe, attach access pin/blue clave connector/your hospital's adapter. 
      Using a 5 ml syringe ensures that vein damage will not occur during injection of the flush solution. The smaller the syringe, the greater pressure it can exert on the venous wall.
    4. Close clamp on IV tubing and IV extension set.
    Disconnect the tubing from the injection port by sqeezing the "wings" on the lever lock cannula

    5. Wipe injection cap with alcohol. Do not let go of injection cap after it has been cleaned.

    6. Insert syringe filled with 2-3 ml of normal saline flush solution (follow agency policy)
    Open clamp if present
    7. Briefly aspirate to check for patency, then inject the normal saline flush solution.
    Close clamp if present
    Remove syringe. 
    A critical step is closing the clamp before removing the syringe because it prevents clot formation in the IV cannula.