Chest Tube Insertion


Chest Tube Tray

Gather equipment needed:

  • Chest Tube insertion tray
  • Mask, gown, and sterile gloves (check physician's glove size)
  • Local anesthetic
  • Occlusive dressing material and tape
  • Sterile water
  • Signed informed consent form



Chest Tube Insertion Locations

Position patient appropriately depending on location of chest tube.

Chest Tube Insertion Tray 1

Open sterile tray

Chest Tube Insertion Tray 2 After cleaning the area, the physician will lift the flap for the rest of the equipment.

Withdrawing local anesthetic 1
When assisting the physician to withdraw the local anesthetic, hold the vial down as air is injected into the vial.
Withdrawing local anesthetic 2
Then raise the vial, so that the local anesthetic agent can be withdrawn into the syringe.

Chest Tube Insertion
The chest tube will be placed so that all the drainage holes are within the pleural space.

Chest Tube Dressing
The chest tube site will be covered with an occlusive dressing

Video of Chest Tube Insertion:

Chest Tube Insertion