Overview of Intramuscular Injections

Intramuscular Sites for Injection


Landmarks: 2 fingerwidths down from the acromion process; the bottom edge is at an imaginary line drawn from the axilla

Intramuscular Injection to Deltoid:


Landmarks: With thumb toward the umbilicus, place palm of hand on the greater trocanter, index finger on the anterior superior iliac spine, and the middle finger on the iliac crest.

Vastus Lateralis

Landmarks: Place one hand below the greater trocanter and one hand above the lateral femoral condyle; mid-lateral thigh.

Dorsal Gluteal (greatest risk of injury)

Landmarks: Draw an imaginary line between the greater trochanter and the posterior superior iliac spine; at the middle of the imaginary line, go up about one inch

Intramuscular Injection to Dorsal Gluteal: