Topical Agents

Agents that delay epithelial resurfacing

Table of toxicity index for wound and skin cleansers

Test Agent Toxicity Index[a]
Shur Clens** 1:10
Biolex[TM] 1:100
Saf Clens[TM] 1:100
Cara Klenz[TM] 1:100
Ultra Klenz[TM] 1:1,000
Clinical Care[TM] 1:1,000
Uni Wash** 1:1,000
Ivory Soap** (0.5 percent) 1:1,000
Constant Clens[TM] 1:10,000
Dermal Wound Cleanser 1:10,000
Puri-Clens[TM] 1:10,000
Hibiclens** 1:10,000
Betadine** Surgical Scrub 1:10,000
Techni-Care[TM] Scrub 1:100,000
Bard[TM] Skin Cleanser 1:100,000
Hollister[TM] 1:100,000

** Registered Trademark
[a] The dilution required to maintain white blood cell viability and phagocytic efficiency.
Source: Foresman, Payne, Becker, et al., 2000.

In general - you can't go wrong with normal saline.
Sometimes - very dirty wounds would benefit from products with surfactants.